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All of the money we raise will be donated to The YNOTT Foundation's Gas and Nutrition Fund. This money provides much needed assistance to people navigating through the organ donation process. We appreciate any contribution you're able to make. We hope you know that your generosity is directly helping those in need!

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The meaning behind PAINFUL GIFT: 

Everyone will experience difficult times and choices. With these painful experiences are gifts. These gifts are difficult to come by, they come in times of pain. Pain you would never choose, but the gifts are there available to you if you allow it to make you stronger, not allow it to break you, or even beat you down. Through this pain you may gain; new insights, new strengths, greater vision, greater understanding, newfound humility. These gifts aren’t ordained, they are opportunities to be pursued. It’s your opportunity to act and not ignore but search and thrive. These gifts are yours and only yours to do what you will.

-Dan Odykirk

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